Want to just head out for a casual day looking like a hot mess? The ‘Tomboy Ponytail’ is just the right look with a sexy feel. An elegant yet bungee look, this hairstyle can suit most occasions. And best of all, no need to visit a hair salon in Markham, you can do it straight from home in 8 easy steps.

1) Dab on a little bit of salt water.

2) Make the hair bungee.You can do this with a hair band or Kirby grips.

3) Blast a blow dryer at the highest heat on your roots to create a messy look.

4) Lean your head back to avoid sagging. When you’re doing your ponytail, tilting your head back will avoid having loose sections underneath.

5) Individually pull the two pieces towards the nape of the neck and secure with an elastic band. Let the remaining hair drop from the top over this tied section. This step is very important for creating a neat side profile.

6) Wrap your Ponytail in a hair bungee then fix it using a Kirby grip.

7) Hide hair bungee. Wrap hair around the bungee to make it discrete.

8) Finish off with hair spray. Finalize your look with hairspray.