Trends come and go like seasons. As we approach 2014, here are some of the trends that have come, and look promising ahead. Talk to your Markham hair salon stylist to see which hairdo will suit you the best.

big bouncy hairstyle

Big & Bouncy Hairstyle

Big is in! Inspired from the retro look, voluminous hairstyles are great options when you want to add just a little flair to your everyday style. Achieve this with dry shampoo for a big lift.

easy curls hairstyle

Easy Curls hairstyle

One of the quirky styles of 2012, this relaxed look is both eye-catching and easy to accomplish.


Piled and Pinned Hairstyle

The in between look from stylish and purposely carelessly undone. No precision necessary and can be achieved with the good old Bobby pins. To master this ‘effortless chick’ look it requires finesse and a great Markham salon stylist.

wet look hairdo hairstyle

Wet Look Hairstyle

A dazzling summer look, this 2012 modern hairstyle will make it seem as if you just hopped out of the shower. Simple to create and suitable for any occasion. Th great part is who could combine this with any other hairstyle, sort of like a finishing touch add-on.

Hairstyles 2014 from your local hair salon

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