How to get the ‘Undone Texture’ hair look in time for summer

Summer is approaching, if not here already. The beach hair look has given way and you see it more and more. A style that showcases a hair look which is styled as if it was hit with a swift breeze. It is similar to the messy look however it differentiates itself by having more texture. Sexy beach waves with natural texture. Here is a quick how to on achieving this yourself. For a professional hair look talk to your Markham hair salon. If that particular salon does not cater to your specified style, a quickly google search for Salon in Markham will do the trick.

How to do your own beach hair look

Use a one-inch curling iron to form a slight wave, loosely twisting small sections around the barrel.

Use dry shampoo to impart a matte finish and amp up the volume.

A spritz of beach wave spray ensures a uniform texture throughout her hair.

If your strands have the tendency to fall flat, apply mousse to your roots while your hair is still wet, then blow it out using your fingers and a wide tooth comb. This technique leads to more volume at the ends, as well as a relaxed texture.

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