Why waxing should be your 1st choice for hair removal

Mention the term waxing, and goose bumps fill the body. Hair removal has no easy or painless methods that are safe. You have a variety of options, each that come with advantages and disadvantages. Plucking which may be the least expensive of your alternatives has, arguably, the most pain associated with it. Laser hair removal has been up in the air with mixed results. For some its a tenuous procedure with high costs, no return and excruciating pain, for others its a cost efficient procedure with successful results. You can also by lotions or creams that remove hair, this topical formula may harm your skin if you are sensitive or use it inappropriately.

Most Markham hair removal salons do provide several methods to remove unwanted hair. Waxing may be your best choice. Waxing takes the least amount of time, and depending on the body part you wish to wax may be painless. One thing that is for sure is that once your body gets accustomed to the waxing process, the amount of hair that grows back is reduced as well as the pain that is associated.

Advantages of waxing unwanted hair

The advantages of waxing unwanted hair offer far outweighs any disadvantages it may have. For this reason, many clients prefer this as their method of hair removal.

  • The hair reduces over time from continuous waxing.
  • Results last 2-4 weeks strong.
  • It is cost effective when measured over the length of time it is applied again.
  • Not too time consuming.
  • Hair is removed from the root.
  • There are no stubbles.
  • Can be used on almost all skin types.

What people are saying about hair waxing

Here are a few snap shots of what people are saying about hair waxing.

Hair waxing testimonial - FY Hair Spa


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