No need to visit your Markham hair salon with this DIY guide

Looking for a way to better your curls/waves and not worry about frizz? Here’s a DIY guide to fixing and enhancing your hair without heat and without visiting your Markham hair salon.

This trick works best to enhance hair that is already curly. If you have straight hair and wish to curl it, it may not help you much.

Step 1: Part (slightly damp) hair into two-four sections and twist in or out. The more sections, the tighter the curl.

Step 2: Twist the other side in the same direction

Step 3: Twist often while hair air dries. If you’re in a hurry, you can twist while drying with blow dryer.

Step 4: Once completely dried, start piecing curls out or flip your hair over and back and that should do the trick.

Step 5: Gorgeous soft waves and you’re ready!

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