Long hair style 2012 for everyone

More and more people are talking about this flashy long hair style that came out in 2011 and has been going strong since. More celebrities are showcasing this new hair trend which gives it more influence day by day. This may be because of its durability. Very easy to pull off eve as a two tone and works well with almost any colour. The Ombre hair look gives that effortless chic appeal which flies very well with people who like the ‘preppy’ look. The hairstyle consists of long hair that fades from dark to light; taking the fade from the roots to the tips.

Benefits of the Ombre 2012 hairstyle

  • One of the many benefits of this new hairdo is that it looks good on almost anyone. A lot of clients would look terrible with light pieces on their hair roots, but when its beneath the hairline its a real spectacle.
  • Great new hairdo for people with low maintenance habits.
  • Current hair style and will give you modern up to date look.

Markham hair salon tips for the new hair trend

  • The key is to make sure you keep your ends hydrated and smooth to prevent it from looking like it’s just poorly maintained
  • Balayage is the technique that is used to achieve an Ombre look. Do not be tempted to try this technique with foils as you will end up with harsh lines of demarcation
  • At the Markham hair salon: To avoid the grown-out roots look, a hair stylist will artfully weave the color into the hair midway down the strands. This usually takes as long as a highlight session.

What would you try the new Ombre hairstyle for?

Would you try this for your prom, everyday look or for a bridal look at a wedding? You would need a very good Markham bridal service to pull it off, but we’ve seen many do it.