What hair removal method to choose at your Markham hair salon

Many clients who come to our Markham home hair salon for hair removal ask should I wax or thread? Well here are some insider tips to save you money, time and pain. First, always figure out what part of your body you want the hair removed. Both procedures can be uncomfortable if it’s your first time getting it done. That is probably the only negative thing about waxing or threading. Both these hair removal techniques are cost effective, long lasting and quick. So, which treatment is right for you? It depends on the hair removal salon and what their stylist specializes in as well as the client’s preference. Here is a comparison of both hair threading vs waxing. In my opinion threading and waxing have very similar pain, it comes down to the patients pain threshold. Waxing, however, does have reduced pain if you’ve been consistently waxing.

Hair threading

What is eyebrow threading? It’s an ancient art of a hair removal technique that has been used for millennia. It can be very effective and its procedure has become less painful as more Markham hairdressers  have discovered creative ways to perform its art. We always recommend threading for small areas of hair removal such as eyebrows, lips, neck and what not. Threading has advantages over waxing and tweezing such as maneuvering in tight places to remove hair.

Hair waxing

To start off, contrary to what is on the internet, waxing does not have any harmful chemicals. We recommend hair waxing for big area body parts such as the back, chest, arms, legs, etc. This is why Bikini wax and Brazilian wax has become very popular.  Threading will just take too long for this and will not be as efficient. Although waxing does not cut corners likes threading, it will remove large amount of hair in a short time. The results are similar to threading; some claim the hair is removed longer while some object. We think they both last longer than methods such as laser or shaving.


So what’s the best hair removal method? If you are waxing your entire arm usually the Markham hair salon will recommend waxing. This will save time and money. If you are getting hair removal on your lips or eyebrows the Markham hairdresser will usually recommend threading. This is because you will get a better lineup and can shape the brows to the exact precision. Always get recommendations for the best hair salon in Markham so you the visit can be more comforting. Some of the top Markham hair salons also have stylists who specialize in a particular hair removal treatment, consider that option as well when making your choice.