7 ways to choose the right Markham hair salon

Local hair salons come abundantly to your convenience in most major and suburban cities. Whether you need a Markham home salon or a full salon and day spa, a quick Google search will fulfill your request. As easy as this may seem, the list that is provided can be overwhelming. How do you choose which is the best hair salon in Markham? With so many factors that influence your choose we’ve come up with a list of the top 7 considerations before you choose your next Markham hair salon.

7 considerations in choosing the top hair salon in Markham

7) Website reviews and salon testimonials

Sites like Yelp and Google reviews are great sources as well as they give 3rd party credibility to their reviews. You can also check if the website has salon testimonials. Make sure the testimonials come from a 3rd party source as opposed to regular text in quotes.

6) Word of mouth

Word of mouth is still key in today’s age. Ask friends and family who they would recommend. If you’ve seen a particular style you’ve liked on a person, ask that person who their Markham hairdresser is. If a friend refers a Markham salon it can be more trusting than any other source.

5) Salon Experience

Most salons have websites. Check their site to see how long they’ve been in business. You can also walk in and ask about their experience. Check which stylist is most sought after. If you have a big event coming up such as a wedding, book a consultation to see if their experience and style fit your needs.

4) Website

If you’re doing an online search, check to see if their website looks updated. If the salon’s website looks old and outdated you may want to consider other Markham salons. Check if they have photo galleries, videos or a blog that updates you on current hair trends and what not.

3) License, insurance and qualifications

If you’re choosing a Markham home salon or a freelance hairdresser make sure they are licensed to work. Also, make sure they are qualified and have insurance. This may be a lifesaver should something go wrong.

2) Social media

Everyone’s on social media, well almost. Talk is everywhere about what people love. Check your own or the salons Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and/or Foursquare. See what others are saying. Take recommendations and choose your salon based on what people are saying.

1) Customer service

Whether you go into the salon or contact them online, make sure they provide excellent service. Responsive messages with description or fully educating you on their services are what you want to look out for. stay away from places that give off a negative vibe or are short in their answers. You want a stylist that can provide you with full details and make you feel comfortable during your appointment.

What recommendations do you have? Any tips for fellow readers? Share your thoughts if you have an idea that was not posted.