Which bridal hairstyle is right for you?

Hair trends come and go like seasons. There is no one particular new hairstyle that will be suited for everyone. Depending on your facial structure, hair texture and colour and skin pigment you have to test and try which style will be right for you. We ALWAYS recommend a bridal pretrial. This allows the bride to get an experience with the potential bridal hairstyle she has in mind. Talk to your Markham bridal salon for services they offer before you make your decision on your bridal hairstyle. We have come up the top hair trends that clients have requested when they came into our Markham bridal salon.

Top 5 Bridal Hairstyles of 2012

Your bridal hairstyle has a big influence on your overall beauty look. Here are some of the best hairstyles that we’ve compiled over the months. Remember that these styles may not be for everyone, talk to your Markham hairdresser for a professional opinion. You may want to check Google images for ideas before you go to your Markham wedding salon. You can even take the photo with you to demonstrate your desired look to the Markham hairdresser.

5) Medium layers bridal hairstyle

A great choice for brides, this popular hairdo is recommended more for summer weddings as the hot temperature gives texture to the hairstyle. The multiple layers also provide texture in your hair giving a bouncy free flowing feel down to a medium shoulder length.

Medium layers hairstyle

4) Curly bridal hairstyle half up

Have the best of both worlds. With a half up and half down hairstyle, you give a modern sophisticated look. This new hairstyle add height at the crown and works with 99% of bangs. Long fluent locks at the back feature romantic curls, display gorgeous hair, and lay gently over the shoulders and collar bone.

half up bridal hairstyle

3) Beach wedding bridal hairstyle

If you’re having a destination wedding or a beach themed wedding this is the hairdo for you! This elegant pulled back bridal hairstyle shouts sexy and classy at the same time. We’ve had brides come in who have requested this hairdo and weren’t even planning a destination or beach themed wedding. You can have a side-braid hairstyle, which adds flavour especially if you have bare skin revealed by a strapless gown. With the right hair accessory such as a flower it will be a Kodak moment, every moment.


2) Ombre bridal hairstyle

This 2012 hairstyle has been a hot topic since late 2011. This new hair trend has been widely publicized by celebrities and model brides. However, it’s also a great look for any occasion. Talk to your Markham hairdresser to see if the Ombre hairstyle will look good on you. Learn more on the Ombre hairstyle here.

Wedding bride Ombre hairstyle

 1) Sweet half-tied bridal hairstyle

This 2012 bridal hairstyle is geared more for long hair. A casual long straight half-tied hairstyle can be described as smooth, sleek, simple and not over the top. Half of the hair (usually the top or sides) is generally pulled, tied, or pinned back with the back left out to hang down below the shoulders


half tied bridal hairstyle

These are examples of the most popular bridal hairstyles we get requested. Talk to your hairstylist at your Markham wedding salon and setup a consultation. Make sure you have a look in mind so that you can describe the appearance you want to achieve. Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter or leave your comment below. What bridal hairstyle look do you really like?