4 tips for choosing the right Markham spa

You’ve just got home from work or you’re planning a special night out, a day at the spa will hit the spot just right. With the abundant number of local beauty salons opening up in most major cities, picking a beauty spa or salon may not be an easy task. A few factors come into your decision making. are you looking for a high end spa, Markham home spa, or just a spa that is located conveniently? Once you’ve made that decision here are 4 tips to consider in picking the best Markham spa.

4. Salon and spa web reviews

Sites like Yelp and forums like Redflag are great sources to get reviews on the Markham salon. You can also check Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms to see what other users are saying about the day spa. Foursquare is a great mobile app that provides this as well.

3. Website

Make sure the website provides complete information on their services. If you have questions, check their FAQ page, otherwise email the site and you should get a prompt response. the site should give full details on the spa treatments, spa services, spa prices and spa packages offered. Make sure their website is updated as well. Check for the last publication date or a copyright usually found at the bottom of the site. If the site looks like it may have been designed over a decade ago and abandoned you may want to consider another Markham spa.

2. Ask friends or family about the day spa

Word of mouth, still is, the number one source for recommendations. Ask your family or friends where they have gone and their experienced. They may have insider scoop on Markham home spas that you may be unaware of.

1. Testimonials

Check if the Markham salon and spa has any credible testimonials. It has become trend to leave testimonials on Facebook or Google+ pages. In fact, Google+ now has a reviews box where clients can evaluate their services. Testimonials can also be left on websites, but be wary of these because if they are just quotes in text it may be fabricated.