Hairstyles to expect from your Markham hairdresser

Medium length hairstyles are styles that will never go out of fashion. Not too long and not too short, but just right! With the right Markham hairdresser you can potentially pull off various medium length hairstyles, such as: curly, straight, wavy, Ombre and more. A good haircut can go a long way. You can style your medium length hair for the fun and flirty, romantic and sleek or professional look you desire. There is a style to fit any occasion. Experienced hairdressers in Markham will give you an abundant number of looks to choose from. Here are the top 4 most popular medium length hairstyles we get at our home salon in Markham.

Top 4 medium length hairstyles

4. Medium length Texture curls

Adding some long layers to the hair will draw the curls down to make them appear looser and freer flowing. Make sure your Markham hairdresser creates texture to break up your curls; this will create a more ‘airy’ look to the hair.

curly texture hair medium3. Casual Medium Length haircuts

A casual medium hairstyle is unstructured, free-flowing and easy-going. Casual medium hairstyles are designed and generated with a low fuss factor in mind. Variations include precision cuts, razor cuts and various layering techniques that allow the hair to fall into its own natural shape and form.

2. Wavy medium length hairstyles

Free-flowing, soft, full, and with lots of movement, this hairstyle can vary from shoulder length graduated layers, to heavy one length looks, and even messy uniform layer cuts. When waves are natural or even artificial (permed hair), medium wavy hairstyles are quick and easy to create because the waves and cut determine the shape of the hair.

medium wavy hairtsyle

1. The Chop medium length hairstyle

Okay, we made up the name up ourselves, but its a great hairstyle. We recommend this style at our Markham hair salon for women with medium length hair who are in their 30s. The hairstyle consist of uneven cuts that level the hair tips just over the collarbone. the chip hairstyle medium lengthBefore you go to your Markham haircutting salon, it may be best to tkae a picture of your desired look. This way the hairdresser can replicate what they see exactly. What’s your favorite medium length hairdo? Leave a reply or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.