New Bridal Hairstyles For Every Type of Wedding

It seems like there is a new hairdo that becomes trendy every week. With all the bridal hairstyles to choose from leading up to your wedding, it can become cumbersome. Of course, to determine which hairstyle would suit you best, various factors come into play such as:  texture of your hair, facial structure, quality of your hair, skin tone and even your height. The number one thing we tell our clients at FY Markham hair salon and Spa is to SEGMENT. By this we mean, break down all variables until you are left with a few hairstyles to choose from.

Segmenting hairstyles to get the perfect look

At FY Markham salon we recommend that you want to start with brainstorming all the hairstyles you like. You can print out photos, add them to a folder online, write down the style on paper or any other means until you have a nice big list of different likeable hairstyles. What you do next is eliminate by variables. For example if you are having a winter white weddings, it’s always best to have dark hair, this gives more contrast. Or, if you have a destination wedding on a beach, you will most likely have a hair accessorize that goes with the theme, you would then choose a hairstyle that looks good with accessories.

Once you know the setting your wedding will take place, you can eliminate the non-qualifying hairdos. You segment and segment until the various hairstyles are eliminated. Once you have a few hair designs you can ask friends, family or your Markham hairdresser, which look would suit you best.

Bridal wedding hairstyles

Here are some wedding bridal hairstyle photos for you to get some ideas from. You can always show this photo to your Markham bridal salon so they can replicate the look on you.

Destination beach wedding and winter wedding hairstyles


Google images, Facebook pages, Flickr, Bridal magazines and even photo albums at your local hair salon are great places to collect photos.