Popular Hairdo’s for every occasion

You’ve got to rush to the restaurant straightaway after work to keep your dinner date. Or, you’ve got an all night party planned at your place. You might be looking forward to attend the wedding ceremony of one of your wedding colleagues. For any of these or other social dos, you’d need to turn yourself out in perfect shape and the makeup process would usually start with your hair.

Your locks and tresses maybe long and wavy or crisp and short but you can’t afford to be casual and experiment with your hairdo by going the DIY route for any strategic get together. Visit a debonair Markham hair cutting salon for any of the following evening hairdos and keep your hair in place.

2013 New hairstyles

Soft waves hairstyle

soft waves haircutWavy hairdos sync perfectly with evening wear especially if they are flashy and flamboyant. And if you can keep your waves in your tresses or locks soft then you’ll be adding to your appeal and glamour.

 Since giving a soft wavy style to your hair involves a lot of hard work and meticulousness, it is always practical to head to a Markham hair cutting salon. And if you need to perk it up and add to the glint, just squeeze in some hairpins or put a headband in place.

Undone or loose updo hairstyle

looseupdo hairstyle

If you’re going to attend a party that’ll be more casual in nature instead of a straight-jacketed and formal, then going for the loose updo (that is mostly undone) hairstyle would be immaculate. An undone updo is perfectly laid-back and unfussy yet can be quite extravagant and fabulous.

You’ll just need to smooth up your hair and make a single compact bun or have several smaller soft buns. Loosely hanging locks or tresses of hair around or in front of your face are the pivotal characteristics of this type of look.

Cute half updo women hairstyle

hairstyle tousled-half-updo

If you go to a Markham hair cutting salon for a half updo, then all that the Markham hairstylist would need to do is part your hair in the middle and take out two pleats or braids of ponytail and pin them together behind your head. Thereafter, you’ve enough leeway to experiment with your hair based on your half updo. Take care to maintain your hair so that they look healthy and bright.

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