Ask your Markham hairdresser for today’s trends

Having short hair for the hot and blazing summer seems to be the best idea, especially if you find hair maintenance time consuming. Moreover, long hair requires extra care and getting it coloured or cut can turn into a costly affair.

However, short hair is fun to style. In fact, you can ask the best hair salon Markham experts about the best way to add more life to your short hair. Depending on the texture and colour of your hair, the hair salon Markham experts will suggest a suitable style for your short hair.

Which hairstyle is right for you?

You can go for the sleek and straight style, where a smoothing cream and little bit of ironing near the forehead can give you a stylish look. You can also go for the textured and tousled look, where you blow dry your hair in a particular direction, apply hair serum and tousle it up for a naughty look.


If you have a bob cut, then go for a wavy look, which will make you look more feminine. Otherwise, you can also go for the sophisticated style where you apply a texture mousse to your hair, part it to one side and rub the tips with a hair gel.

bob haircut wavy

If you want to look trendy, then curls always add the funk to your face. The best hair salon Markham experts will curl the front hair and hair covering your ears after blow-drying your hair upside down.

If you start missing the bounce and volume from having long hair, you can bring on that style in the short hair too. The best hair salon Markham experts will give a deep side partition on one side and using the volumizing spray make your hair look voluminous and bouncy.

Every style has unique features that can complement your face. Sometimes the reverse happens. Talk to your Markham hairdresser to get their professional opinion on what is best suited for you.

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