Hire a Markham Wedding Salon or Use Your Regular Hairstylist?

Your wedding is just three months away and you’ve attended to almost everything. The venue has been booked, the trousseau has been ordered, the wedding photographer has already done a trial run and the guest list has been drawn up. But you’re having a trying time in deciding whether you should engage the services of a makeup professional from Markham wedding salon or be steadfast to your regular Unionville hairstylist. The advantages and disadvantages of going with both have discussed below.

Pros and cons with going with your regular Markham hairstylist

Your hairstylist knows you best. In other words, she is fully acquainted with the texture of your hair, the styles you prefer, the additional or extra touch ups you like. What matters most is that she knows you best as an individual. You’d feel more relaxed in discussing your specific preferences for the big day and you’d also have the privilege of having her by your side when you need help with your makeup or hairstyle and most importantly to cope with the stress associated with your wedding event.

On the downside, your Unionville hairstylist would have some fixed ideas or images about you in her mind and would not prefer to tread in unfamiliar territory by experimenting newer and more avant garde looks. Over the years she has got used to your looks and therefore would always try to give you a makeup oriented around the image she has about you. You can give her ideas to try or hire a makeup professional from a reputed Markham wedding salon and go for a trial at least three months before your D-day.

Pros and cons of engaging a pro

The pros of selecting a Unionville hairdresser or a Markham wedding salon override the cons. First, a pro would be more adept in the current and popular wedding makeup styles as she has must have done enough makeup jobs in the recent past. Second, she would be able to give you good tips and suggestions on whether you should go for a half updo or an undone updo and what sort of makeup will go best with your bridal trousseau.

You’d need to be open up with the makeup artist you hired from Markham wedding salon if you want the best out of her. And if your wedding venue is far away from the town, then going for a pro would be cheaper than flying out your regular stylist.        

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