Markham hairdresser tips for your hair

It’s all right to lust after a particular celebrity hair style but you have to keep your hair density and texture in consideration while deciding on a hairstyle for yourself. The aim is to create a look which works wonderfully for you and requires the least amount of styling products for maintenance.

Hair with fine and medium texture

Fine hair is generally soft, delicate and lacking in volume. If you have fine hair you should opt for haircuts with minimum amount of graduation like bob cuts and wedges. Other ways of creating volume is by going for root lift or chemical wave applications at a salon in Markham. A good blow dry will also make your hair look thicker albeit temporarily.

If your hair is of medium texture, you will probably not face any issues with volume. If you want a sophisticated less hair look, opt for a razor cut. For a softer simpler look, a blunt cut is the answer.

Coarse hair and low density hair

If you have really coarse hair and are worried about reducing the bulk and weight of your hair, don’t despair. There are many smoothening products at salons in Markham which will make your hair more disciplined. Avoid blunts and wedges and instead opt for layers and razor cuts. Maximum graduation hairstyles cut volume and make your hair look thinner.

If you have low density or sparse hair, you will want to add volume and life to it. Go for styles which concentrate your hair on the top of your head. For example, a very short bob will make your look thicker and heavier.

Very dense hair

If you have lots of hair, you might feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable. Hair straightening in Markham salon will decrease up to 50% of the density (if you have curly hair). For naturally straight hair, opt for razor cutting and slicing techniques.

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