Markham hairdresser hairstyle trends

The way your hair is cut and styled makes a dramatic difference to your appearance. Just a few hours investment in a good private salon in Markham may make you look like a diva. Learn about the current hot hairstyles of 2013 so that you can try them on for effect.

low-chignon hairtsyle

Low chignon hairstyle

Hair knots are ever so cool and trendy and wearable at any age. To create this look blow dry straight hair, put a mid partition and a firm ponytail at your nape. There on you can wrap up your ponytail into a variety of chignons. The round ballerina bun, the stylish double chignon, a chic loop etc. The hair is twisted into a bun and then released after a round of good hair spray. This creates a cool uncomplicated look.


Braid it up hair design 

Braids are endlessly feminine and easy to maintain. Besides they are great for protecting your hair against the vagaries of nature. A good Markham private hair salon may create a super complicated braid for you by criss-crossing plaits and creating an equestrian look but a simple flirty messy braid also makes you look pretty.


Rock your waves

If you have naturally wavy hair this is your perfect choice. The wavy bedhead look has a very sexy yet innocent appeal to it. The hair looks completely natural though creating this style requires some effort. The trick is to apply volumizing foam to semi dried hair and then finger dry after scrunching around the ends of the hair.

Accessorize your hair right

Hair accessories are no longer limited to the bandanna and hair band. 2013 will see neon bands, sculpted branches, pretty fabric flowers, pearls, scarves and lace all dolling up the hair. If you feel experimental you can try out quirky headpieces for added affect. The trick is to mix and match and see what suits you. Talk to your Markham hairdresser to see which look suits you best.

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