Advice from your local hair salon

A mane of gorgeous hair can do wonders in terms of increasing the attractiveness quotient of anybody and most people yearn to have perfect salon styled hair at all times. While a trip to the local hair salon is recommended before important occasions, here are a few sneaky tips that will help you achieve lovely hair at home. You can change the way your hair looks by simply learning to dry your hair properly.

Three essential hair tips before a blow dry

1. Always try to rough dry your hair natural methods before you use your dryer on it. This will protect your hair against the harsh prolonged exposure to the dryer.

2. Run your fingers through your mane, rub it softly with a hair towel or bask in sunlight for 10 minutes. Make sure that your hair is 65% dry before the hair dryer is applied.

3. It’s always advisable to try to style small sections of hair at a time. This has two advantages. There is less chances of ugly tangles and you have greater control over the hair.

How to get the perfect blow-dry 

Always begin the blow dry in the bottom-up style. In other words work your way up from the nape of your neck to the top of your head. This will prevent the dry hair from cascading around and ruining its shape.

Always ensure that one section of the hair is completely dried before the hair dryer is applied on the next section. Even the slightest amount of moisture will make it flat or completely frizzy. A dry section of hair will help the other portions to fall into the desired shape.

Observe the stylist at your salon in Markham and you will notice that he/she always holds the hair dryer straight up so that whiffs of air flow down your hair. This is the right way to achieve a great shape.

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