Tips from your local hair salon

Fringes add a cool new dimension to your face and they are suitable for most facial types. However most women find it hard to effectively manage their fringes and so shy away from getting them. However, there are a few simple rules straight from the mouth of your local hairdresser, which will help you keep your fringes totally under your control.

Get a good blow dry

Turn down the heat to a minimum and blow dry the fringes. This will make them fluffier and maintain the natural shape. Don’t comb your fringes as this can make them go flat. This is advisable for everyday hair styling.

Another way is to use a small roller and a can of hair spray. The roller should be used on the first available front fringes and you have keep setting the fringes as and when you remove the rollers. This method will give your hair a lot of volume and is especially suitable for flat and thin hair. Ask your Markham hairstylist for their suggestions based on your hair.

Use a couple of clips

This is very simple fuss free way to maintain fringes. Simply put a couple of colorful clips to hold your fringe to one side. This will maintain the shape effectively for silky hair. Anytime you want to leave your hair open you can imply open the clips.

Brush them right

You have to use the correct brushing process for maintaining your fringes. A round brush is the perfect choice for managing side fringes. Fringes should be brushed starting from the root to the direction your face.

Maintain your hair

Make sure that there are no rough edges or split ends on your fringe as most salon styling products will not work on them. Ask your local hairdresser to recommend a good shampoo and conditioner to you. Keep your hair squeaky clean at all times and see how pretty your fringes look.

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