Disaster saving tips from a Markham hairdresser

Gorgeous hair can do wonders for your personality and if you are a woman the importance of shining healthy hair must be already known to you. A good hairstylist in Markham will tell you that it’s very important to know what not to do with your hair when you are opting for a hair make-over.

3. Do not follow hair trends blindly

It’s all very well to flip through glossy magazines and admire runway models and movie stars sporting startling new fashions in hairstyles. However just because a hairstyle is looking good in reel life doesn’t mean that it will suit your age, personality and functionalities in real life.

Your hairstyle should complement your position, attitude and occupation in life. Do not try copying trends blindly. For example, don’t ask your local hairstylist to colour your hair with purple and green streaks and spike it up unless you are in college.

2. Learn what hairstyle suits your face

The hairdresser in Markham will let you know what kind of hairstyle will suit your facial shape but here are a few tips which will help you figure out the basic stuff yourself. Inspect your face and try to figure out its strengths and flaws.

If you have a wide forehead you can try cutting your hair in a fringe to conceal your forehead. If you have a narrow forehead, avoid having layers that draw attention to the chin area. A good hairstyle will always bring out your best features.

1. Don’t scrimp on hair products

This is universally applicable. Using sub standard hair sprays and cheap shampoos is something that every hairstylist in Markham will advise against.

Use only good quality products on your hair and try sticking to the same brands that you are comfortable with. You can carry your can of hair spray along with you to the salon if you will that the particular brand suits your hair.

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