How to choose the best Markham salon for waxing

With the bikini season on in full vogue you need to make that mandatory trip to the local wax salon. You should check on some points to make sure that you don’t face a hygiene issue at the local waking salon and your waxing is done safely and expertly by a professional. Here is how to to choose the correct local waxing salon.

Just as a good Toronto wedding DJ checks over the itinerary with the bride and groom, a good beauty salon in Markham should give you helpful tips on waxing methods suitable for your skin.

Check for salon licenses

The first thing you should look for when you are entering a local wax salon is the license for waxing. The national norms dictate that helpers who wax inside the salon are supposed to undergo technical training.

In this case the licenses of the technicians should be displayed on the wall of the local waxing salon. If the licenses are not displayed then ask to see them and promptly look for another salon if the technician is unable to produce a license.

Look at the facilities

Proper hygienic waxing salons should have some basic facilities in place. They should be warm, clean, lighted up with functional taps for hot and cold water. A quick look at the bathroom facilities will tell you how good the waxing salon Markham is. Before you sit on a chair or bed make sure that the sheets are clean.

Be critical of the waxing sticks

The waxing sticks used in your local wax salon should be used (in a new condition) on only one person. When the technician is working on you make sure that he/she uses a new strip for each area of your skin.

Check whether the helpers are using disinfected disposable gloves on their hands while waxing. Also see if the technician is using disinfected scissors and tweezers. After all you do not want to catch a skin infection through cross contamination.

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