From your Markham bridal salon

Whether you’re seeking the best wedding DJ in Toronto or looking for wedding decor uplighting, you have one ultimate goal: Have the best wedding ever. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and spends months poring over their trousseau. If you are a would be bride then you must be thinking of beautiful ways to do up your hair on your wedding day. Top wedding hairdresser Markham suggests that choosing a gorgeous hair accessory will allow you to make a powerful statement on your special day.

Get a good view

Whenever you go dress shopping, don’t you try on the dress and look at yourself from all angles. Well it’s the same with hair accessories says the top Markham bridal salon. Accessories look different from all angles and you have to choose one which looks gorgeous from a distance. A simple tip is to buy an asymmetrical piece with scalloped edges or intricate scroll work as these look more prominent than one with the same width throughout.

Work out a combination

Your hair accessory should complement your wedding gown and vice-versa. Top wedding hairdresser Markham says that the shade of your head ornament should match the shade of your gown. If your wedding dress has beads on it then choose a subtle band with it while a lacy wedding dress will look good with a crystal encrusted band. If you are opting for a vintage look then go for a metallic band.

Adjust the height

Take along a friend when you go hair accessory shopping. The same band will look different on two women with different head shapes and complexions. Choose one that makes “you” look gorgeous instead of following trends blindly.

The higher you place your band the better it’s going to look so try adjusting the band near your crown. If you are trying on diamante pins then stick them close to your face for a better effect.