As a would be bride, you must be super concerned about looking your best on your wedding day. For best results a trip to one of the nice bridal salon Markham is recommended. You can talk to the salon manager about the kind of bridal look you are aiming to create. Mistakes in make up on your wedding day are bound to be disastrous and here are three make up errors you should avoid.

3. A non cohesive look

This is very important in context of creating a seamless bridal look for your wedding. Your make up should complement the type of wedding dress you are wearing and the season (weather). If you are wearing Victorian lace in a summer wedding your make up should be matte with a touch of gloss on the lips and cheek.

For a winter wedding, heavier cream-based make up is required. Markham wedding salon will anyway recommend this but it’s good to know beforehand.

2. Dramatic eyes and lips

You can either highlight your eyes or your lips. Don’t highlight both or you will end up looking like bride-zilla. Smoky eyes with scarlet lips – that’s a recipe for disaster. The trick is to focus on your best feature and highlight it. If you have beautiful big eyes ask the bridal salon Markham to focus on them. Similarly if you have an enviable pout, put on some cherry red lipstick.

1. Experiment on the wedding day

Never do this unless you want to take the risk of scaring off your guests. Fix on your look at least 15 days before the wedding and ask the bridal salon to do a few test runs of the make up some days before the wedding. Wedding day is not meant for experimentation but only for a final practiced performance.

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